Complete any element of the online programme at your own pace on your own time.

Translating university insights into practical business tools aimed to help your business be more productive, resilient, and sustainable, the course covers key modules:

  • Finances – The power of understanding your finances
  • Digital – Understanding how to maximise the digital future
  • Markets – Keeping up with quickly evolving business industry
  • People – Building and retaining a high performing team

The free online programme is tailored specifically to your business needs, as you can complete a short self-assessment to highlight the strengths you can build on and your areas for development. You’ll then craft your own route through the course to adopt best practices and management methods in the areas you need it most!

Our university partnership

This programme is brought to you by drawing on key research and knowledge from experts across, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Bolton, University of Manchester and the University of Salford.

Insights across the partnership have been distilled into bite-sized learnings to build business skills across Greater Manchester.

What’s next

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